Why C2C

Committed to Coaching mostly commonly referred as “C2C” was established to provide exceptional tutoring through effective teaching and genuine care for our students from Kindy to HSC. Our students are often positioned well ahead of their peers due to our structured & rigorous training from our teaching system and experienced & highly dedicated teachers.

Our comprehensive work booklets and unique culture is also what creates the C2C experience . Our centres are designed to promote an open and warm space for learning and development.

C2C Effects

Explore the experiences that have created success for our students and see why C2C is their prime tuition centre they call home.

“I never got to vouch for the quality of the Maths Tutoring of this tuition/coaching centre.”

“After trying countless tuitions. I think C2C is by far the most helpful tuition centre.”

“I first found out about C2C from my sister, so I thought I would give it a try. Honestly, my experience was more than satisfying..”

“I have been through nine tuition centres and C2C has definitely made the greatest impact on my life…”

“I am just so glad I found a place like this. My kids actually enjoy coming and they’re completing their homework without complaining.”

Are just some of the moments C2C has made to our students’ lives.
We call this, the C2C Effect.

New C2C students are recommended by satisfied customers.

More than 93% of our students achieved a better than expected ATAR, year by year.
(Our surveys are conducted year on year.)

Our recent survey found 90% of our students noticed an improvement in their results.
(Our surveys are conducted year on year.)

Read how the C2C experience has changed the academic and personal development of our community.

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Engaging Teachers

All C2C teachers are carefully selected based on their academic experience, dedication and character. We pride in knowledge and commitment. We work with teachers that share a passion for teaching and the willingness to make a difference to another.

Our focus is our students

Everything we do at C2C is about our students and we do everything for our students. We see teaching as an opportunity to make a difference to another, so we strive to cater to each student with care, proactiveness and patience. We strive to set a good example for our students, in hopes our students will strive to better themselves.

We are flexible

Teaching is an art and everyone learns differently. With this in mind, we strive to remain focused and yet flexible enough to make changes for the understanding of our students. Teachers are trained to be open in catering for the individual needs of each student.

Syllabus relevant

Continuous improvement and regular updates to our resources ensures students are up to date with the latest in the syllabus.

We create a positive experience

Since time is scarce, we strive to create an engaging and positive environment for our students. Not only is achieving results important, but the process in reaching the goal is also important. Therefore, feeling good whilst learning is also an important aspect to our academic growth.

We always do best

We strive to do our best, no matter what. Sometimes our best will be better than other times but our focus is always on doing our best. Through this, we hope our effort is felt by our students and inspires them to work harder and become better.

The C2C Way of Learning

Small Team-Based Learning

Each class is based on levels and students are assigned to classes based on similar skills (relative to their peers). We initially assess each student before formal enrolment to provide the best possible outcome for each student. All classes are designed for teachers to have time to assist each individual.

Regular Tutor Feedback

Students are regularly provided with constructive feedback which reflects their progress on homework that is submitted, topic tests and class involvement. Emphasis is placed on both the strengths and areas of improvements of each student. Parents are encouraged to speak to their child’s tutor on a regular basis. We believe in an open and honest approach to communication.

Team Tuition Approach

Our students are often positioned well ahead of their peers and the school syllabus due to our structured & rigorous training of our teachers, comprehensive work booklets. Our centres are designed to promote an open and warm space for learning and growth