C2C Selective School Tutoring Course

“Repetition of Test Papers = Mastery”

The Selective School Tutoring course at C2C is a 50 week preparatory program designed to assist students who are seeking placement in a Selective High School.

The actual Selective High School Placement Test is designed to measure ability through tests in Reading, Mathematics, General Ability and Writing.

The Selective Test consists of a 20 minute writing task and three 40 minute multiple-choice questions in:

• Reading (45 questions)
• Mathematics (40 questions)
• General Ability (60 questions).


How it works

Our program intends to equip students with the knowledge, skills and ability to answer questions in the actual placement test.

Students will practise exam papers in both Mathematics and English. The remainder of the time will be spent revising key areas of weaknesses and work on theory that has yet to be mastered by the student.

Why our program is successful

• Small, specialised group.
• Focused purely on developing skills in selective exam over a one year period.
• Materials used in this program have been designed to replicate the format and questions of the actual Selective High School Examination.

Through question repetition, theory reinforcement and ongoing feedback, student will develop the confidence to sit and master the Selective Placement Test.

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