C2C Opportunity Class

“Repetition of Test Papers = Mastery”

The O.C Trial Test Course is a 35 week program designed to assist students seeking placement in an Opportunity Class (O.C) for Grades 5 & 6.

Why should I consider O.C for my child?

Opportunity classes cater for highly achieving Year 5 and Year 6 academically gifted students. O.C provides a stimulating environment for students both academically and socially.

Small children

How it works

Students who wish to be placed in O.C in Year 5 need to sit the test in Year 4. Therefore, C2C will help develop student’s knowledge, skills and confidence in the lead up to the O.C exam.

On a weekly basis, students will spend an hour completing two parts of the exam: Part 1 & Part 2. Questions will test areas of English, Mathematics and General Ability, which would be consistent to actual O.C exam.

Students will revisit theory until their understanding is consolidated through the O.C papers. We believe that through constant practise and feedback, mastery is achieved.

Opportunity Class Test

There are two parts (Part 1 and Part 2) to the test, each comprising multiple-choice questions in:

English – 20 questions

Mathematics – 20 questions

General Ability – 30 questions

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