HSC and C2C graduate, Vivienne Zhu achieved an ATAR of 98.6


Success comes from perseverance and not giving up. There are only two outcomes when you try; either you reach your goal or you go through an enriching learning experience, which will prepare you for future endeavours. It’s a win-win situation!
You need a source of motivation that will get you through the year, whether it is a high-achieving friend or a famous person you admire.

The highly personalised classes at C2C were what helped me through the school year. The homework, classwork and quizzes were particularly helpful in preparing for my assessments and allowed me to consistently improve.

Last piece of advice from me; there are many subjects that you do during the HSC and it is impossible to remember all the content. Last minute study is an option, but it is only a temporary fix. Hence, it is important to constantly study throughout the year so knowledge stays in your long-term memory and you can easily access it when needed. Don’t make a timetable if you know you can’t stick to it!