HSC and C2C graduate, Louise Feng shares some of her success and experiences during her HSC.


Louise Feng (St George Girls  High School)

HSC & C2C Maths graduate.

Louise shares some of her success and experiences during her HSC.

Prior to joining C2C Hurstville, here’s her experience:

Before I came to C2C, I hated studying Mathematics. The examination results showed that it was also my worst subject. However, towards the end of year 10, I received a
97% score in Mathematics. I do believe that my tutor played a big role.
He also showed me that Mathematics isn’t all that bad and it was all about attitude.

Some takeaway advice:

To be successful in anything, requires you to put in one thing: hard work. Do not leave anything to the last minute especially for Mathematics. You need to understand the concepts rather than memorise them. We are to put a dent in the universe! So get to it!

Her final words:

All the teachers at C2C were engaging and I was always learning new things every lesson. It was thanks to them that I was able to surpass my expectation and score an ATAR above 95.

Final piece of advice coming from someone who once disliked Mathematics, I ended taking Extension 2 Mathematics. If you are willing to work hard, it will pay off!