Year 1

Each lesson is focused on students’ understanding of key concepts which are conveyed through a high level of interaction and are complemented by relevant resources reflecting key learnings from the school syllabus. Emphasis is placed on the value of learning and students having exposure to a variety of questions to maximise results.

Our Maths & English lessons are focused on all key learning areas for each stage of their primary years. Students are given the opportunity to apply key concepts in Theory classes with the aid of the Work Booklets.

Our booklets cover all Key Learning Area covering all required outcomes and also includes aspects of further development (teachings above syllabus requirements).

Some concepts our students will learn:


Year 1: Mathematics

  • Addition
  • Number Counting
  • Subtraction
  • Multiplication
  • Division
  • Time
  • Regrouping Skills
  • Arithmetic Problems
  • Working with larger numbers
  • Spatial Sense
  • Measurement
  • Graph
  • Order of Position
  • Work Problems
  • Maths Mentals
  • Introduction to Money

Year 1: English

  • Developing Spelling & Vocabulary Skills
  • Developing Grammar Skills
  • Developing Reading Skills
  • Developing Punctuation Skills
  • Sounds
  • Revising ‘ow’, ‘ai’, ‘oa’, ‘ar’ (etc) blends
  • Constructing Sentences
  • Sentence Beginnings
  • Sentence Development
  • Story Writing
  • Nouns
  • Verbs
  • Adverbs
  • Adjectives
  • Similes
  • Types of Nouns (Proper, Collective)
  • Short Sentences
  • Direct Speech
  • Parts of Speech
  • Procedures
  • Diary Entry
  • Fables
  • Poems
  • Personal Recount
  • Exposition
  • Factual Recount